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Learning through Experience

Workshops for Parents and Professionals


Learning means making new connections between mental, emotional and physiological processes. The brain develops on the base of experience. The plasticity of the nervous system allows us to learn throughout life and make connections within ourselves and with others and the environment: within the realm of the self, gravity and space. This also includes the context, the family, society, schools and institutions, as well as the group of educators and therapists caring for a person/ child with a disability. These connections create the foundation of all learning processes. The workshops are specifically tailored to share our approach with parents and professionals.

A big part of a workshop is experiential, that means that the participants experience in their own bodies movement and touch as the foundation of learning. We also discuss key concepts and share short videos, which demonstrate the direct link between one’s own experience and the application in individual session. 

Learning Objectives

– Exploring a dynamic approach working with children with special needs and their families
– Experiencing developmental steps and processes in one’s own body
– Building experiences from bottom up to verticalization and movements on higher levels
– Bringing different levels for older children – Working through play and enticement – Facilitating in a non-intrusive way
– Facilitating with respect for the child and the family – Using the senses to stimulate the child’s curiosity and sense of discovery
– Enhancing the child’s sense of self and agency, and relationship to others
– Getting an understanding how to transmit movement and touch principles
– Understanding of dormant potentials to facilitate development
– Understanding the importance of touch for development and change
– Understanding the meaning of care and being touched with care

Hosting a Making Connections Workshop

The workshops are facilitated by our collaborators.

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